Difference between Interactive and Batch Job on AS400

Interactive job: a process or command that is run through the workstation id that the user uses when logging in.

Batch job: a process or order that is thrown into the system to run it.

For example, we will run the PRTDSKINF (Print Disk Information) command Interactive and Batch.

Interactive Job:

The process will run on the user’s workstation with an X SYSTEM on the bottom of the green screen.

Batch Job:

If the batch command instructions from the user’s workstation, require the SBMJOB (Submit Job) command then F4 = Prompt.
The PRTDSKINF process or command runs on the system named job PRINTDISK and runs on the QBATCH subsystem
WRKACTJOB SBS (QBATCH) to ensure jobs run on the QBATCH subsystem.

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