Special Authority AS400 User Profile

There are 8 special authorities for AS400 users, here is the list:

  • *ALLOBJ : user can access all objects on the system even though the object has a private authority over that user. It should be noted that the user can see all objects, but cannot change all objects that go into the special authority * AUDIT and * SECADM.
  • *AUDIT : The user can see and change all AS400 audit settings such as the system value about auditing.
  • *IOSYSCFG : Users can change the I / O configuration on systems such as Ethernet, HBA Card and others.
  • *JOBCTL : the user can control all jobs that exist on the system.
  • *SAVSYS : user can do all activities related to the operation of the system (system backup)
  • *SECADM : users can create, change, and delete user profiles.
  • *SERVICE : users can perform service functions such as start tcp server, start HHTP server and others.
  • *SPLCTL : the user can do all activities related to spools.
DSPUSRPRF QSECOFR command, to display the QSECOFR user profile attribute.

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