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AS400 Display Journal

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Type command DSPJRN then press F4 = Prompt. Enter the name of the journal and library.

Display System Journal QAUDJRN:

Display User Journal MYJRN:

From the System and User journals above, the output of the display journal is the activity of recording each journal. Sequences are Journal Entries. Code and Type are activities carried out, such as the example F-JM in user journals, this entry code means the operation of File (F) with the specific activity was Start Member (JM). Next see the details, give option 5 = Display entire entry in the entry code that will be seen then press Enter:

F10=Display only entry details

In detail entry can be seen, object, activity, time and Journal Receiver where this data entry is recorded. The method above is a way to display journals in the position of the Journal Receiver currently in use/attached.

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