Basic Introduction to CL Programming

The CL Program or CL Procedures is a collection of CL Commands that are used on the AS400 system to get input, carry out the process and the final results will be obtained. The program or procedure is given a name (CL Program object with type * PGM and CLP attribute) and can be called in the AS400 comman line or can be used in other programs or procedures. Things that must be considered in making CL Program is the Source Program (Source Physical File), compile and bind the source according to the procedure.

If you enter CL Command separately from the Command Entry screen, each command is separately processed. With the CL Program, there is no need to input one by one so that the time needed can be faster. Plus, the CL procedure can be used in batch or interactive processes.

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Learn AS400 Using F1 Help

This is one of the most effective tips for us as beginners at AS400. Even I, who have been drowning in AS400 for several years, still often use Help. With the F1-Help function we can understand the information from the commands, parameters or pages that we are currently using. Before we discuss Help, here are the requirements for Help to be used by users:

  1. License Program – Online Information (product option 2) is installed with * COMPATIBLE status.
  2. The QHLPSYS library was the user library list that is used.

Check License Program

Type GO LICPGM in the command line then press Enter.
Type opt 10 in the command line and then press Enter, to Display installed licensed programs.
Ensure Licensed Programs Online Information installed with *COMPATIBLE status.

Check User Library List

Type DSPLIBL in the command line then press Enter.
Ensure QHLPSYS exist in the library list.

If both of these requirements are met, then we can use the help function on AS400. The AS400 Help function can be used by pressing the F1 key in the section that we want to know about. For example, on the MAIN menu page. Hover your cursor (shown in the figure with a red underline) in the command line or in the header of the IBM i Main Menu page then press F1.

Help appears from the IBM I Main Menu which contains an explanation of the page (press page down to go to the next page).

Hover your cursor towards the options menu, then the help will come out according to the options that we want to know.

Ex. hover at option 1. User tasks and press F1.
Help information specific for option 1 will appear.

Begitu juga ketika kita akan menggunakan command. Jika memang command tersebut baru kita tahu dan ingin tau fungsinya apa dan parameter apa saja yang dapat diisi. Misalkan command WRKOBJ, berikut caranya:

Likewise when we will use the command, if the it’s new command we want to know what functions and what parameters can be filled. For example the WRKOBJ command, here’s how:

Type WRKOBJ in the command line and press F4 = Prompt.
Hover your cursor one by one according to the picture to check the Help function and read the description.

Note: Not all commands or pages have Help Guidance, it depends on the program or the command provides help function or not. For all commands and menus built in, the system usually provides help functions. But if our AS400 has another command or menu from 3rd parties or applications outside of IBM, there may be no help function in that command or menu.

What is OS/400?

I created this article as an opening for my plan to create content about AS400. The language used might use my language style. I apologize if there are deficiencies or things that are not pleasing to the reader.

Ok… Welll.. Lets start with “What is OS/400?”.

A brief history of my relationship with AS400, I worked for the first company as a AS400 support services. As a new graduate and still innocent with AS400 (because I believe any IT-based campus in Indonesia does not have AS400 to study), I was challenged to quickly understand AS400 during the trial period. Okay and I’m drowning and struggling in the world of green screens.

Certainly, I will not write the history of AS400. Because readers can look for it in SEO like Google or Wikipedia. I will explain a little about AS400 using my language style.

AS400 is an IBM product with an operating system known as OS400 or OS / 400. Currently this platform is running on the IBM Power 9 Family or there may have been the latest release depending on the reader when reading this article.

Jadi, AS400 merupakan sistemnya, sedangkan OS400 adalah operating systemnya.

So, AS400 was the system and OS400 was the operating system.

AS400 DIsplay

At the bottom, it says Selection or Command, along with a two-line underline. The underline is a place for typing and running commands on OS400.

Why use AS400? If I were asked this, I would definitely answer with my view that I have been using OS400 from 2011. In my opinion, OS400 is safe and auditable (depending on the configuration of the system being made). All activities can be tracked and accounted for. Maybe the shortcomings are on the price side … ^ _ ^

For more details on operating the OS400, will be discussed in other chapters.

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