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AS400 Source Physical File

Source Physical File (SRCPF) is an object file where we write source code from programs such as CLP, RPG, Cobol, and others.

Create SRCPF

Through the command line, type CRTSRCPF then press F4 = Prompt. Type the file name and library that will be created then press Enter.

Note: Although in one Source Physical File we can store source code for various programs, I recommend that an SRCPF contains only one type of program.

Create member:

Through the command line, type WRKMBRPDM SOOLGPL/CLSRC then press Enter.

Press F6 = Create to create a member. Enter the name of the member and CLP type (for example) then press Enter.

Type File in the SEU line to save and exit the programming page.

Hello members have been added to the SOOLGPL/SRCPF file.

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