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AS400 CPU, Memory and Storage Capacity

My post this time contains how to find out the number of CPU or Processor, Memory and Storage on the AS400 green screen. I will not explain technically the details of each screen. To see detailed page descriptions, you can use the F1-HELP AS400 feature.


From command line, type WRKSYACT (Work with System Activity) then press Enter.

Current processing capacity represent number of Processor or CPU:


From command line, type WRKSHRPOOL (Work with Shared Pools) then press Enter.

The Main storage size (M) parameter is the total AS400 system memory used. With details of the allocation of pool ID pool used in the Pool column.

Kapsitas Storage

From command line, type WRKSYSSTS (Work with System Status) then press Enter.

The System ASP is the total storage on AS400, and % system ASP used as a percentage of storage utilization.

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