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AS400 End Job Using Controlled and Immediate

In killing a job, there are 2 ways to do it, by controlled end or immediate end. Controlled (*CNTRLD) is a process of shutting down a job with controlled manner, there is a cleanup process on the job. Immediate (*IMMED), jobs are turned off directly without any clean up, the clean up process is carried out by the system.

From command line:

If you already know the job name, user name and job number. Through the command line type, ENDJOB then press F4=Prompt. Enter the identification of the job to be turned off. In the How to End parameter, select *CNTRLD or *IMMED as desired.

From Work with Active Job:

Through work with active jobs, type option 4=End for the job to be turned off then press F4=Prompt. Then it will go to the ENDJOB page just like we use the command line above then press Enter.

Note: It’s safer to turn off the job with *CNTRLD first. If it doesn’t ended, *IMMED can be used.

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