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Understanding the AS400 Command

As a beginner when I learned about AS400 I was confused where to start. When confronted with a green screen that has been logged in, so my question is … Okay, what should I start with?

Just like Linux or other Unixs that use terminal based, the entire operation process is done with the command. Even though AS400 has already specified menus, using the command will make it easier for us to work on AS400. “Ah, it’s hard to memorize the commands …” That’s right, it’s not easy to memorize everything, even I don’t memorize all of the commands in AS400. But enough to understand the concept of the AS400 command then we will casually operate the AS400.

The AS400 command has the following concept:

  1. No more than 10 characters
  2. A combination of 2 or 3 abbreviated words
  3. It starts with the verb and is followed by the object.

The verb that is used indicates the activity to be carried out, such as:

  • ADD – Add
  • DLT – Delete
  • DSP – Display
  • EDT – Edit
  • CHG – Change
  • CRT – Create
  • RMV atau RM – Remove
  • WRK – Work with
  • dan lainnya.

The object is the target of the activity that will be used by verbs, such as:

  • OBJ – Object
  • F – File
  • FD – File Description
  • TCP – Tcp config
  • LIBL – Library list
  • DTAARA – data area
  • SPLF – Spool File

Objects look really long, but if we look at it remains in the rule that one word in short to 1 to 3 letters. So the AS400 command is a combination of these two words, for example:

The WRKOBJ command, Work with Object, to access objects in AS400

I explained the combination of the verb and noun above does not mean that any verb can be combined with the object word. For example there is no CHGSPLF command. At the command line you can type GO CMD to find out what commands the verb can use. Type GO CMDDSP:

Then the DSP command list will appear:

My advice starts from understanding the verbs DSP and WRK. Because these two verbs not change anything. For WRK, this activity is to enter the realm of objects, the green screen only displays the list of objects used in the command. But in the Work with display page we can Display (DSP), Change (CHG), Remove (RMV) and others.

Command Work with (WRK):

Work with all objects at library QUSRSYS

Command Display (DSP):

Display Object attribute a program

To find out all the command names on AS400, you can look at the IBM website,

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