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AS400 Journaling

The journal on AS400 is a mechanism for recording all activities on AS400. There are several functions of the AS400 journal, including:

  1. Audit, journaling can be used to audit the AS400 system.
  2. Replication, can be use to replicate your production sistem to backup site.

How does journaling work? In the concept of journaling there are 3 things that must be understood: Journal, Journal Receiver and Journal Entries. The way this three works, I will explain using the analogy of filling water into a bucket from a water tap. The tap is a Journal, the bucket is a Journal Receiver and the water that comes out is a Journal Entries. The tap will drain water into the bucket continuously, if the bucket is full, then the first bucket will be replaced with a second bucket that is still empty. If the second bucket is also full, then the third bucket is used to fill water, and so on. All activities on AS400 are Journal Entries. The Journal serves as the media to record all these activities into the Journal Receiver. On AS400, Journal can be seen as object type *JRN, and Journal Receiver type *JRNRCV.

All Journal Entries formats in type and code can be viewed on the following IBM website:

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