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Detailed Information on AS400 Disk Usage

To display detailed disk capacity information, we can use the Print Disk Information (PRTDSKINF) command. The command is the result of collecting data that has been run using the Retrieve Disk Information (RTVDSKINF) command. For this reason, if you are going to use PRTDSKINF, all you have to do is run RTVDSKINF first.

Retrieve Disk Information (RTVDSKINF)

It is recommended to run this job in a batch way, because for AS400 systems that have many objects it takes a long time in RTVDSKINF.

Print Disk Information (PRTDSKINF)

After RTVDSKINF is finished, we can submit the PRTDSKINF command to QBATCH as follows:

Print size of each library (*LIB) on the system:

From PRTDSKINF command type *LIB at RPTTYPE parameter.

The output of PRTDSKINF is spool files. To check the user’s spool files, type WRKSPLF then press Enter.

The result is in the user spool files used, with the file name QPEZDISK. Option 5 for display spool file.
The start page of this spool is a description of the total size and other information (please read). Page down several pages to find a list of storage sizes for each library.
Display the size of each library from the largest to the smallest size. % of Disk = percentage of utilization of total system disk. Size in 1000 bytes = Library size in KB.

PRTDSKINF can also display disk information based on Report Type – RPTTYPE:

  • *FLR = Retrieved Size Folder.
  • *OWN = Total Size Object owned by user on the system.
  • *OBJ = Size each object on the system.
  • *SYS = Sizeof system’s object.

Please try for other types of reports.

It is recommended to run RTVDSKINF routinely using the scheduler during off-peak hours so that we knows the growth in the size of the system.

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