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AS400 Journal – Work with Receiver Directory

Journal Receivers that function as a place for Journal Entries written by the Journal have size and restrictions. To enter the Receiver Directory, through Work with Journal Attribute, press F15 = Work with Receiver Directory.

Based on the info above, here are some things that can be concluded:

  1. Total size of receivers, total size of all journal receivers that are formed.
  2. Receiver column, the Journal Receiver object that has been formed by the Journal
  3. Status. ONLINE means that the receiver is not already held by the Journal and has not been saved. ATTACHED signifies the Journal Receiver currently held by the Journal. SAVED receiver is no longer held by the Journal and has been saved.
  4. Save Date. The date the receiver was saved.

Display Receiver Attribute

Type option 8 (Display attributes) then press Enter.

Here are the details of one for the Journal Receiver. Through this display we can find out when the receiver is held and released by journaling, receiver size, first sequence number and last sequence number. When we check receiver next after MYRCV, MYRCV0001, first sequence number will continue from last sequence at MYRCV.

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