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What is OS/400?

I created this article as an opening for my plan to create content about AS400. The language used might use my language style. I apologize if there are deficiencies or things that are not pleasing to the reader.

Ok… Welll.. Lets start with “What is OS/400?”.

A brief history of my relationship with AS400, I worked for the first company as a AS400 support services. As a new graduate and still innocent with AS400 (because I believe any IT-based campus in Indonesia does not have AS400 to study), I was challenged to quickly understand AS400 during the trial period. Okay and I’m drowning and struggling in the world of green screens.

Certainly, I will not write the history of AS400. Because readers can look for it in SEO like Google or Wikipedia. I will explain a little about AS400 using my language style.

AS400 is an IBM product with an operating system known as OS400 or OS / 400. Currently this platform is running on the IBM Power 9 Family or there may have been the latest release depending on the reader when reading this article.

Jadi, AS400 merupakan sistemnya, sedangkan OS400 adalah operating systemnya.

So, AS400 was the system and OS400 was the operating system.

AS400 DIsplay

At the bottom, it says Selection or Command, along with a two-line underline. The underline is a place for typing and running commands on OS400.

Why use AS400? If I were asked this, I would definitely answer with my view that I have been using OS400 from 2011. In my opinion, OS400 is safe and auditable (depending on the configuration of the system being made). All activities can be tracked and accounted for. Maybe the shortcomings are on the price side … ^ _ ^

For more details on operating the OS400, will be discussed in other chapters.

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