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AS400 Start Journal Physical File

To record all database activities, a table or file must be journalized to one journal. Before starting this discussion, the files and journals that we will use have already been made in the discussion:

Check the file if it’s already journaled

Type command WRKOBJ SOOLDAT/TESTFILE, option 8 = Display Description then press Enter. Page down to the Journaling information page. Seen that the file has not been journaled.

Start Journal Physical File

To start journaling the TESTFILE file, use the STRJRNPF command. Type the STRJRNPF command then press F4 = Prompt. Enter the Physical journal to be journaled parameters and the Journal as shown below then press Enter. On the screen a message 1 of 1 files has started journaling will appear.

File SOOLDAT/TESTFILE has been published to the SOOLGPL/MYJRN journal.

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