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AS400 Work with Journal Attribute (WRKJRNA)

The Work with Journal Attribute or WRKJRNA command displays all the attributes of a journal. With this command we can display the Journal Receiver that is being Attached, the journaled files and others. Through the command line, type WRKJRNA then F4 = Prompt, enter the name of the journal and library, then press Enter.

Work with Journal Attributes display:

If we see from the above display, there is some information obtained (I will take some for your attention):

  1. Journal Receiver which is currently being used is SOOLGPL / MYRCV
  2. Journaled objects indicate the number of objects that are journalized.
  3. Manage receiver, if the status is * SYSTEM, it means the system will automatically create a new receiver if the attached receiver is full.
  4. Delete receiver * NO, means the receivers that has been dettached is not automatically deleted.
  5. Journal cache * NO, meaning no caching of the journal receiver.
  6. Journal state * ACTIVE, journal is active.

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