Navigating a Range

To go to the next element of a particular type without affecting the selection, you can use the GoTo method of the Range object. GoTo doesn’t affect the Range object it is called on but instead returns a new Range object that represents the resulting Range after calling GoTo. The GoTo method takes by reference four optional object parameters. The first parameter, the What parameter, can be passed a member of the WdGoToItem enumeration:

  • wdGoToBookmark
  • wdGoToComment
  • wdGoToEndnote
  • wdGoToEquation
  • wdGoToField
  • wdGoToFootnote
  • wdGoToGrammaticalError
  • wdGoToGraphic
  • wdGoToHeading
  • wdGoToLine
  • wdGoToObject
  • wdGoToPage
  • wdGoToPercent
  • wdGoToProofreadingError
  • wdGoToRevision
  • wdGoToSection
  • wdGoToTable (lebih…)


Identifying a Range

A Range has several properties to help identify it. The get_Information methods takes a parameter of type WdInformation and returns information as an object about the Range depending on the…